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Choosing a Teaching Recruitment Agency: A How-to Guide


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Choosing a Teaching Agency: A how-to Guide

Whether you are an NQT looking to make your first steps in the world of teaching, or an experienced teacher wanting to take your career in a new direction, choosing the right agency can prove to be a real task. Below, we at Affinity Education have compiled a few tips; ones that will help you find the perfect agency aligned with your career goals.

First impressions

It’s vital to remember just how important your job is to your overall life. From providing the financial stability to work towards your lifestyle goals to fulfilling a want and desire to teach, the post you take has to be right. The correct agency will understand this, getting to know you and your professional vision before recommending any positions. This will become apparent during your first meeting with the agency. Most will arrange a face-to- face meeting; inviting you into the office to discuss ways in which they can support you. This will signal that they do not want to treat you as a number in which they can make commission from.


When selecting an agency, it is certainly worth opting for an established firm; one that boasts a proven track record. Needing to trust the consultants in charge of your career prospects, this is particularly important for those seeking specialist teaching posts. For instance, if you are a mathematics teacher looking for a post, you need to know that your agency has a long history of making effective recruitment matches in that area.

Do your research

When looking for a teaching agency online, you will no doubt come across hundreds, even thousands of websites claiming to be the perfect solution for you. However, remember that anyone can set up a website.

To ensure you are choosing the right agency for you, we recommend partaking in the following tasks:

  • Read online reviews
  • Look through the agency’s social channels
  • Find testimonials from the schools and teachers in which they already work with


When looking for an agency, you are looking for support with regards to your job hunt. This means, your agency should be helping you with tasks such as brushing up your interview skills and ensuring your CV looks and reads well. A good agency will share their expertise in such fields.

Is Affinity Education the right agency for you?

Here at Affinity Education, we are a modern recruitment agency with traditional values sewn throughout. Eager to help all types of teachers with their recruitment needs, we would be happy to help you in your job search. Contact us today for more details on how to register.


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