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CIPD Responds to Call for a Million More Older People in Work by 2022


Following the announcement from the Business Champion for Older Workers calling for 1 million more older people in work by 2022, Dr Jill Miller, Diversity and Inclusion Adviser at the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, comments:

“The attention that the Government is giving older workers is crucial, especially as the workforce ages and the state pension age increases. However, different sectors face different challenges, which will need to be taken into account. Individuals will also have different motivations for choosing to remain or leave in the labour market. Employer action therefore needs to be underpinned by a deep level of understanding around strategic workforce planning. They need to appreciate why people choose to stay or leave work after 50, in order to be able to engage with them and make the most of their knowledge and experience. This is about creating fulfilling working lives not just longer ones.

“We’re particularly encouraged to see an emphasis on practical guidance for employers. The CIPD is in a strong position to contribute research and insight to this to help demonstrate what works and how organisations can get to grips with the ageing workforce challenge today, before they face skills shortages that will affect their ability to grow or deliver key services in the very near future. At 50, many workers are at the top of their game, sitting on a wealth of knowledge and vital experience – the challenge is how to effectively retain and engage staff.”

The CIPD recommends five essential components that should form an organisation’s strategy to address the aging workforce challenges:

  1. Ensuring they have inclusive recruitment practices
  2. Improving the capability of line managers to manage an age-diverse workforce
  3. Investing in training and development that is based on potential, not age
  4. Supporting employee health and well-being across demographics
  5. Embracing the talent attraction and retention benefits of flexible working


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