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Collaborative Sourcing and Collective Wisdom of Crowdsourcing in Talent Acquisition


The recent depreciation of Indeed Crowd questions the application of crowdsourcing in the talent acquisition space. Crowdsourcing is built on collective intelligence and wisdom – favouring the knowledge and expertise of the many not the few.   Indeed Crowd and many other crowdsourcing models could be argued to replicate the age old referral model but at scale in the digital world.

So what makes Talent Crowd’s crowdsourcing model different?

For recruiters, HR business partners, hiring managers and business owners, time is the biggest commodity.  Finding and engaging talent to a conversation takes time. Our customers at tell us for the most part they spend 50% of their time in doing so.  Sure, there are plenty of recruiters and sourcers who love the hard core challenge and satisfaction of sourcing, but for the most part what matters is having conversations with the right candidates.  Advertising with job board can only get one so far. Then what?

In 2004 author James Surowiecki wrote a book called The Wisdom of Crowds that brought attention to the idea that, under the right circumstances, the collective knowledge of a large group of people is superior to that of a few experts.  While a few single individuals may have a wealth of knowledge, a large enough group of people is going to be more accurate in their choices. This concept has been applied to many areas of business and culture, and it has enabled to build a different perspective on sourcing.

Unlike digital referral models offered by other platforms or a searchable database of publicly aggregated aggregated candidates by the likes of Hiringsolved and Entelo, Talent Crowd’s global marketplace of sourcers is always ready on-demand to source against any requisition.

Crowdsourcing has been successfully used many industries.  The key to success is having a large and diverse enough input of opinions and being able to aggregate these ideas/solutions into a single output.  The wisdom of crowds requires four key elements: diverse opinions, independence, decentralisation, and aggregation.

Sourcers will surely agree the first three traits are well established in sourcing.  Unfortunately, aggregation is often the missing component. We sometimes fail to bring information from all stakeholders together and harness the power of small groups. Furthermore, we occasionally fail to harness the wisdom of large groups by leveraging the power of people’s networks. Yes, we can hack for data and break it down, but are we also bringing people together to review that data and are we using personal, human relationships to source the right candidates? Too often we are not, which means we are missing out on the power of aggregation.

The model at is unique. Not just in its application to talent acquisition, but more widely.  The core of our model is the largest marketplace of professional sourcers globally.  Each contributor comes with a different price point, level of expertise, set of time constraints and ability.  We recognise in order to get the best output, a long list of talent for clients, irrespective of functional skill set or geography, we often need to work with multiple crowd contributors.  Our model is built of the collaborative economy – where access to skills and expertise is more important than ownership. Our patent-pending platform collaborates with multiple crowd workers seamlessly to deliver talent always on time and in budget, without our customers caring for any of the inner working of the marketplace.  And because we also use different crowd workers to enrich each and every candidate with a personal email address were able to build powerful personalised outreach campaigns to every candidate.

Our recruitment marketing automation platform enables client to quickly create email and SMS outreach to engage candidates, systematically increasing responses rates over email.  And for those candidates who do not response we score engagement across the digital assets you send them, including your website.

The model is unique, not just in it’s application for talent acquisition. Our software platform manages the collective and collaborative output out from a global crowd of professional sourcers – the largest global marketplace with contributors from around the world.  As our model continues to evolve we are developing a model in which we will introduce the notion of advocates and strategists. Advocates, have access to sourcing services, solutions but with lower sourcing knowledge but have time to contribute. Strategists, are pressed for time and contribute knowledge to the platform.  Again, our platform takes care of the collaboration between strategists and then the syndication of the strategy out to the advocates to work.

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