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Company Boss: “You Can Run a Rubbish Business Just Like Mine”


Aspiring business students and disgruntled bin men are both being targeted by a new company offering a rubbish opportunity for anyone who wants to be their own boss. is seeking to establish a nationwide network of franchises across the UK intent on offering a rubbish removal service to private households and businesses.

With cash-strapped council run refuge services facing criticisms for lack of frequency and being susceptible to strike action, as seen recently in Birmingham, private companies offering these services are predicted to increase in popularity in coming years.

A growing number of firms have established themselves across the country but is planning a nationwide business model based on franchised ownership.

The company says anyone thinking of starting their own business could really clean up by taking advantage of the opportunity.

They believe it will appeal to both business graduates and experienced bin men who may feel unhappy working for their local authority and believe they could make a better fist of things themselves.

The company was founded as London Junk by Harsha Rathnayake back in 2008 but has recently rebranded to reflect its national ambitions.

MBA graduate Mr Rathnayake started the business with a second hand beat up Ford Transit tipper truck and grew it into a £1m a year turnover company with a fleet of vans and a dozen employees.

He believes offers a truly unique opportunity for the right person to achieve financial independence and business success.

He said he wanted to hear from those who believe the old adage, ‘Where there’s muck there’s brass’.

He said:

“It’s difficult to imagine a more future proof business than rubbish and junk clearance. People will always need to get rid of stuff.

“What’s more there’s a need for this service everywhere. It has been a great success in London and I’m convinced it will work in other towns and cities across Britain.

“I have built this business from the ground up myself so I know exactly how to make this model work and I am ready to offer this expertise to others.

“If you’ve ever dreamt of owning your own business and don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in then I want to hear from you.”

He said owning a franchise would appeal to a wide range of people, from graduates to more experienced workers.

“I’m expecting interest from ambitious business students like I was myself when I started the company in 2008.

“But I am also very much looking forward to speaking to older people with more experience such as council bin men who may be fed up working in the public sector and feel they can do better themselves.

“You don’t need business experience as we will provide training in all aspects of running a company. Instead the qualities we will be looking for are a hard-working attitude and a genuine determination to make a success of your life.

“If you possess those qualities and are willing to work hard then the sky’s the limit with It may be a rubbish company but it’s a life changing opportunity.”