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Your Company Website is Crucial For Attracting Millennial Employees


Recent research by job site Monster has shown that people aged between 18 and 35 tend to look through and react strongly to what they find on individual company websites when searching for work.

Millennials Search For Jobs on Company Websites.

The study showed that 60% of the age group known as millennials search company websites to find work. Although this may not sound that unusual for those who are very much a part of the Internet generation, if you take the other characteristics of millennials into account it could have some important implications for UK businesses.

Large Group.

The millennials will soon make up the biggest part of the UK workforce and therefore an understanding of their behaviours and preferences is important to businesses.

Social Brand Conscious.

For many millennials, their own personal brand on social networks and how it is perceived is important. This generation spend a lot of time sharing aspects and images of their lives that project their own beliefs, values and story. The implication is therefore that they expect company websites to do the same and if a company website does not do so then it could deter potentially valuable millennials from applying for jobs.