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Comparison; Which Regions of the UK have the Least Disposable Income and Where is it Spent?


Recent research from Provident has tackled household expenditures in the UK and has looked at the different cuts your salary takes, such as bills, mortgage, food shopping, etc. then looking at the amount of money people actually have to spend and enjoy for themselves.

Provident challenged the UK to input their data on their ‘Real Wage’ tool to work out exactly where our wages are spent.

The East Midlands are found to spend the highest percentage of their wages on accommodation, with residents revealing that over a third of their income is instantly spent putting a roof over their heads.

Welsh residents don’t get an easy ride either, with a shocking 13% of the average wage going straight out of their account to cover loans and childcare.

East Midlands spend the most of their wages on accommodation

Region Yearly salary (in £) % of wage taken up by Rent/Bills
East Midlands 23,193.60 34.8%
Wales 23,635.20 34.2%
North East 23,712 34.1%
Northern Ireland 23,769.60 34%
Yorkshire and The Humber 23,918.40 33.8%
North West 24,153.60 33.5%
South West 24,240 33.3%
West Midlands 24,489.60 33%
East 25,382.40 31.8%
Scotland 25,680 31.5%
South East 27,168 29.7%
London 32,198.40 25.1%


Childcare capital of the UK revealed as East Midlands 

Region Yearly salary (in £) % of wage taken up by  Loans/


East Midlands 23,193.60 12.1%
North East 23,712 11.9%
Wales 23,635.20 11.9%
Northern Ireland 23,769.60 11.9%
Yorkshire and The Humber 23,918.40 11.8%
North West 24,153.60 11.7%
South West 24,240 11.7%
West Midlands 24,489.60 11.5%
East 25,382.40 11.1%
Scotland 25,680 11%
South East 27,168 10.4%
London 32,198.40 8.7%

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