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Construction Recruitment: The Dos and Don’ts of Writing Effective Job Adverts


Due to the introduction of technology, the recruitment industry has changed so much. But, when these worlds collided, the humble job advert took a while to enter the 21st, tech-focused century. With the way a job advert is written having a huge bearing on the number of applications it received, we at  thought we would share a few tips and tricks we have learnt over the years; information that will help you attract the RIGHT construction workers for your business.


Do use a clear job title – Job titles are a lot more important than you may think. In recent years, we have seen businesses get creative with their job titles, recruiting for ‘Tech Wizards’, ‘Mechanical Gurus’ and the likes. But, when creating a title for a role you are recruiting for, you must consider two things; does it encapsulate what he role entails and will it be a title that someone would be proud to possess?

Do detail the application process – On average, jobseekers apply for 10-15 jobs, meaning good candidates are likely to get snapped up by a competitor. This is why you need to detail the application process in your advert, giving timelines as to when you will be conducting interviews, how many interviews there will be and when a decision will be made.

Do outline perks– Your company’s individuality as an employer is what sets you aside from others. So, if you do offer perks such as flexi-time, overtime, days off for birthdays, free gym memberships, childcare vouchers or anything else, be sure to state them in your description.

Do pay attention to visuals – Just like many of us eat with our eyes, most job hunt with their eyes also. Not wanting to read heaps of information, when looking for jobs, modern employees need to be appeased visually. This is why you want to include as much imagery as possible. Whether that be snaps of the construction site, staff at work or your company logo, the more imagery, the better!


Don’t use too many words – Keeping your job description simply is highly advisable. A recent research project revealed that 55% of all pageviews get less than 15 seconds of attention. This is why you need to grab readers’ attention from the offset. So, get all the important information in the first few lines, detailing exactly what you have to offer candidates.

Don’t rely on abbreviations or jargon – In order to ensure your ad reads well and is received by everyone, avoid using abbreviations and jargon. Not only will this make your business look a tad unprofessional, but it could deter an older, more experienced jobseeker from pressing the ‘Apply’ button.

Don’t use words that raise questions – Again, the wording of your advert needs to be thought of. To encourage an increased number of applications, try to not use words and phrases such “youthful” and “able-bodied”. It’s is important to communicate that you run a business that is accepting of every age, race, region and physical ability.

Don’t overegg the job – Clarity and honesty are two qualities your job advert should be based on. So, make sure you to not overegg the vacancy you are promoting, offering an honest insight into what the job is, what it entails and what other opportunities it could lead to. If you do overpromise, it could lead to low retention rates for your business; an eventuality that will cost you and your team in the long run.

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