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Cooper Lomaz Releases Their 2019 Salary Survey and Recruitment TrendsReport


Now in its 11th year, East Anglian recruitment agency Cooper Lomaz have released their annual Salary Survey and Recruitment Trends report.

The report, which presents findings from over 2,800 individuals across the East of England working within the technical and professional sectors, is now available to download from their website –

Simon Brown, Managing Director of Cooper Lomaz, said: 

“In producing this annual report our goal is simple; to provide an unrivalled and unbiased insight into recruitment trends from the past twelve months from across our region.”

In addition to salary statistics for the Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Food Manufacturing, IT, Sales & Marketing, and Supply Chain sectors, this year’s report also highlights recruitment trends and hot topics including the gender pay gap. We found an alarming difference between the amount of money earned by men and women in the sectors we operate. Shockingly, we calculated that September 19th 2019 will be the day that the average women will stop earning their annual salary compared to men.

Simon added

“This year we’ve discussed in more detail some challenging and thought-provoking trends. There are insight and analysis within the report which I suspect will make some feel uncomfortable, challenged and even possibly lead to difficult conversations. However, I believe that such debate is good for business, good for employees and ultimately good for the region.”

The effect of salary on satisfaction levels is another topic which showed some interesting insight. Can money buy love? According to the data, it appears not – well, at least not on its own. The report shows that training actually plays a key role in supporting a satisfied workforce.

The strong growth seen in the IT sector shows no sign of abating and we’re seeing an ever-increasing demand and competition for skilled candidates. 2019 will also see the continued rise of Digi-Tech start-ups and SMEs with Norfolk actually outstripping Suffolk and Cambridge for growth in the sector. It’s these companies who stand the greater chance of attracting top talent as they tend to offer more flexible working hours, the latest technologies and project ownership. It’ll be vital for established organisations to remain competitive by embracing modern working preferences and by recognising the value of their current IT and infrastructure employees.

For the first time in over 5 years, nearly one in four people do not feel secure in their current roles. The reason? While it would be easy to blame this trend on the wider economic and political landscape, it’s clear that businesses should be communicating with their employees about how any changes could affect them personally.


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