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Creating a Unique Identity for your Job Vacancies


This article has been submitted by Zoho Recruit.

If you are within the recruitment space you will be well aware of the many job boards popping up on the internet, with new businesses entering the industry at a rapid pace. Giving job-seekers a long list of facilities to utilise when looking for vacancies, it is important that as a recruiter or a business your vacancies stand out for all the right reasons.

Here are just a few tips to ensure your vacancies prevail personality.

Celebrate company culture

While growth prospects and employee benefits are great to read about, they are staple features in the modern job description. Therefore, it is important that your job vacancy stands out, transferring the right information to attract the right talent. Through the celebration of company culture, you can quickly identify the unique qualities of the opportunity. From outlining your brand values and mission statement to placing focus on the ‘team’ rather than individuals, there are various ways you can translate company culture through words.

Use imagery

With many recruiters heading to social media to post vacancies, it is important that current social media marketing trends are considered, ensuring vacancies get as much exposure as possible. Here at Zoho Recruit, we highly recommend prevailing your identity through imagery, whether it be embedding company logos, images of the office in which the job is held, or even pictures of the recruiter themselves, with such creative efforts boosting exposure ten-fold.

Embed videos

2017 is the year of visual content, with marketing software developers, Hubspot, claiming visual posts to enjoy over 90% more engagements than plain text. For this reason, a quick 2-minute speech from the recruiter or a video of the office and the team can be all a job-seeker needs to select ‘apply’.

Blend traditional methods with creative ones

While such creative methods will enhance the reach of the vacancy, it is still essential that the information is well thought out, giving the potential candidate everything they need to know about the opportunity.

This includes:

  • Job title
  • Employer or recruitment agency/consultancy
  • Location
  • Description of business
  • To whom the position reports to
  • Outline of job role
  • Indication of scale, size, responsibility, timescale, and territory of role
  • Outline of ideal candidate profile
  • Qualifications and experience required
  • Salary or salary guide
  • Explanation of recruitment process
  • Contact details
  • Job and or advert reference
  • Website address
  • Corporate branding
  • Quality accreditations, such as Investors in People
  • Equal opportunities statement

If you require help with promoting your job vacancies, be sure that we at Zoho Recruit can help. With numerous applications and supportive tools, we can offer the best CRM system to help acquire and retain candidates.