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Cronofy and Infor Partner to Enhance Interview Scheduling


Cronofy, a global innovator in business scheduling software, today announced that it is partnering with Infor, a global leader that builds business software for specific industries in the cloud, to infuse the company’s best-in-class scheduling technology into Infor’s Talent Acquisition solution.

Talent Acquisition is an Infor Talent Management application within the Infor HCM Suite that manages the external and internal recruitment process from the time a requisition for a position is created to the point when a candidate is hired and processed through onboarding. It includes defining, managing, and approving staffing requisitions, posting job openings to multiple job boards, matching candidates to jobs, and coordinating the screening, interviewing, offer, pre-boarding, onboarding, and hiring processes. The integration with Cronofy will allow Infor customers to dramatically reduce their interview scheduling time.

The Cronofy integration is expected to allow Infor’s users to get all the benefits of real-time scheduling without having to leave Infor’s platform.

“Infor continues to seek out new partnerships to find increased value for our customers, and we are committed to ensuring that any organization that decides to partner with us is supported by the most innovative applications and thinking,” said Bill Vellante, vice president and general manager, Infor HCM. 

Cronofy allows recruiters to access the real-time availability of other members of the interview team, and can use this information to send self-serve booking links to candidates.

A recent survey conducted by Cronofy showed that 64 percent of recruiters take 2 or more days to schedule an interview, and 26 percent take more than 4 days. By adding integrated interview scheduling to Infor Talent Acquisition, it’s anticipated that recruiters will be able to reduce this down to just a few hours while delivering an improved candidate experience.

In the coming months, the partnership is expected to allow Infor’s users to schedule everything from one-on-one interviews to complex sequenced interviews, which are a major organizational headache for recruiters and hiring managers.

“Cronofy delivers a unique way to add scheduling features to software. The combination of APIs and user interface elements enables software providers to deliver best-in-class scheduling without their customers leaving their tools,” says Adam Bird, Cronofy CEO and co-founder. “We’re excited to partner with Infor to help their Talent Acquisition users become dramatically more productive.”


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