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Crowd-sourced Talent Platform AnyGood? Launches First Equity Crowdfunding Campaign


AnyGood? has announced that it is due to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs at the end of the month.  The talent crowdsourcing platform leverages real life connections and its curated network of professionals to ensure that quality, not quantity, is protected within the recruitment process, without excessive costs. They are committed to delivering a new, more efficient, rewarding and ethical hiring process for clients, members and candidates using the power of the crowd.

The crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs is set to go live with an impressive 3-year forecast valuation of £42m. The business has already identified future growth opportunities, including international expansion, as well as multiple exit scenarios, making it an exciting  proposition for both first time and seasoned investors.

This latest news follows the recent announcement that AnyGood? was approved as a member of Sharing Economy UK, reinforcing their principles of professionalism, integrity, fair practice and ethics.

It’s no secret that systemic inefficiencies within recruitment today result in significant time to hire, and a focus on quantity over quality that means employers and suitable candidates both lose out. Even mass market job board sites have failed to live up to their promise. They’ve become commoditised and are now little more than glorified dating sites, less about talent acquisition, and more about algorithms, keywords and ad revenues – another layer of the problem rather than a solution.

AnyGood? is addressing these failings. Candidates come highly qualified because they’ve been personally recommended for a specific role by a member of AnyGood?’s diverse network of professionals. Unlike agencies, who often have no personal connection to the candidates they submit, AnyGood? members have a real-life relationship with the professionals they recommend and therefore an in-depth knowledge of their capabilities and suitability for the role. By crowdsourcing talent the AnyGood? way, there’s more credibility, more opportunity, and less scope for irrelevant CVs to be blindly trafficked. They charge a fixed £6,500 fee, well below standard agency rates where a senior hire could cost tens of thousands in the first year, whilst members receive a £1,500 share of the fee, and, based on their activity and value to the platform, could earn their own share of 10% of the platforms profit each year.

In a UK market worth £36 billion, where 90% of people are unsatisfied with recruitment agencies, commentators have observed that the sector is ripe for disruption – and AnyGood? is well positioned to do just that.

CEO and Co Founder Juliet Eccleston commented:

“Whilst we have been thrilled with the huge amount of interest in AnyGood?, we’re not resting on our laurels. The recruitment sector has long been content to live with poor ethical standards, out of date practices and yesterday’s technology, and as a result has fallen behind the curve sector-wide.  AnyGood? was specifically set up to address this problem and break the trend, and that is  exactly what makes it such an exciting opportunity for both seasoned and first-time investors.

For more information on AnyGood?’s fundraise, please visit:


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