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Degrees of success: The benefits of graduate recruitment


Jagex graduate recruitment specialist Sue Stather offers advice on how studios can benefit from graduate employment schemes

There’s no doubt that internships and industrial placements provide students with an employability-boosting leg-up into the games industry, but it’s also the studios themselves that have plenty to gain by investing in students and graduate talent.

For many students, the eager need to ‘get a foot in the door’ is still very real, and we receive many approaches from juniors looking for any kind of experience we can offer. However, while there are students queuing up to make their break into games, studios shouldn’t be complacent.

Computer science and games graduates are highly sought-after and studios must react by opening their toolbox for ways to attract, retain and develop the next generation of smart, tech-savvy students eager to make their way in games.

Jagex has always embraced students for industrial placements, but for 2014 we have introduced a greater range of placements and a suite of summer internships that reflect the scope of teams working under our roof. These include art, sound design, tech, QA, business intelligence and community management. One key area of focus for Jagex is populating our tech teams with talented computer science students and graduates via our tech internships and software development industrial placements in particular.