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Demand for Jobs focused on Improving Customer Satisfaction, Increasing Sales and Developing Software


WANTED Analytics Identifies Increasing Demand for Jobs focused on Improving Customer Satisfaction, Increasing Sales and Developing Software

WANTED Technologies, a leading provider of real-time employment market analytics and insight for talent acquisition professionals, today announced the release of its first Quarterly Global Hiring Demand Report. “The majority of talent professionals working internationally find it a real challenge to understand and analyze the multiple international markets they work across so WANTED AnalyticsTM tapped into their industry-leading global database to analyze and surface the most in-demand job skills and positions for the United States, China, Germany, Japan, and the U.K,” says Kevin Savage, Managing Director U.K.

Some of the world’s five largest economies* reveal an increasing need for companies to be more customer-centric as their customers and prospective buyers demonstrate their influence and power. Companies are taking note and increasing demand for quality, marketing and bilingual skills and, not surprisingly, demand for tech skills continues to be strong.

  • Quality assurance leads skill demand in multiple sectors. Businesses want to ensure their services and products are meeting consumers’ standards so they can positively influence public opinion and reviews and discourage the spread of negative online exposure.
  • Increased focus on marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) competencies suggest that companies need to differentiate in competitive markets while more effectively maintaining and growing their customer base. Demand for CRM skills is widespread, being required in industries such as finance and insurance, and the types of tools required are changing.
  • Demand for bilingual administrative and sales jobs is increasing in 4 out of 5 top economies with the UK being the exception. In the US, retail sales are responsible for the majority bilingual job postings.
  • Tech positions continue to be in high demand across a wide span of industries, professions, and geographies. Java and Linux are most in demand and appear as a required skills in the greatest number of job ads.

Market trends signal that qualified and skilled candidates with the relevant skills and experience will become increasingly hard to find in the areas above. This not only presents a challenge for recruiting and staffing but also signals a need for these professionals to begin thinking about retention strategies in order to keep hold of their skilled workforce.

To access the full WANTED AnalyticsTM Global Hiring Demand Report, click here. The next Global Hiring Demand Report will be released in January 2016.

WANTED continues to expand its international employment market analytics by providing hiring demand data in 22 of the world’s largest countries and talent supply in 15 of those, the latest additions including Mexico and Netherlands. Additionally, UK competitive market salary distribution data is now available to be incorporated into consumer-facing career, job and education sites, as well as client and partner applications.

Recruiting and talent executives looking to understand the availability of skills in 22 international markets, get a handle on the difficulty of hiring and market salaries, and understand sources of talent can access WANTED Analytics TM online product which allows them to provide timely advice to hiring managers and recruit and source global talent right now. Click here.

*Based on International Monetary Fund’s Countries with the largest GDP.