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Demand for Marketing Vacancies on the Increase


Marketing vacancies increased by 6.9% in the 12 month period ending 31 May 2017, according to the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo). The three month period from March to May 2017, saw a 12% increase in marketing vacancies, compared to the same time last year, and 9.6% more than the previous three months.

The APSCo Marketing Trends Report found that the demand for Branding specialists saw the biggest increase in the number of roles, with a 36.4% increase in demand. However, Professional Marketing continued to be the greatest area of growth accounting for 19.6% of all new vacancies, while Channel Marketing specialists saw a growth of 78% albeit with a smaller number of roles in that specialism.

The sectors that showed the most growth were Technology, Media & Telecoms, where there was a 15.2% increase in vacancies and the Industrials sector which reported a 12% increase.

The data also revealed that the South East of England had the largest number of job vacancies over a 12 month period, peaking at 14.3%. While Greater London continues to be the location for the most of Marketing’s vacancies, with a 57.3% growth rate over a two year period. Elsewhere, in North West England, there was a 14.7% growth in vacancies equating to 168 more roles during the year.

Ann Swain, chief executive of APSCo, commented on the report saying:

“It’s interesting to note the continued growth and increase in the number of marketing vacancies that continue to be advertised throughout the UK. With the digitalization of marketing and the media continuing apace, there is clearly a high demand for talent in Professional Marketing and the figures reflect this growth.”

“Technology, Media & Telecoms is the sector leading the way in the numbers of vacancies, which represents a natural alliance with marketing as consumers increasingly are targeted by online campaigns. With the rise in the number of branding specialist roles being advertised, it’s likely this area will continue to expand, as ‘the future is Orange’ as one marketer so famously put it. “

“While the South East of England region continues to develop the majority of the UK’s marketing roles, we are seeing regional growth across the North East and particularly the North West, as employers move to access a greater pool of talent.”