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Demands on Marketing and Creative Workers Increase


Half of marketing and creative workers are being asked to do more for the same and without career progression. That is according to a recent survey of candidates across the Midlands by leading marketing and creative recruiter blueskies.

A lack of focus on career progression led to half of respondents reporting it simply didn’t meet their needs. This sits uncomfortably next to blueskies statistics from 20182 when candidates cited the biggest reason for leaving their jobs was lack of career opportunity and challenge.

Across the sectors; B2B employees saw a 64% increase in workload whilst only 28% increased their salaries and 60% lacked career opportunities. In contrast the consumer marketplace B2C employees reported an uplift in salary in line with their workload and 45% of employees were satisfied with their development and 60% happy with salaries.

Incentive packages are also being missed with 40% of candidates reporting bonuses do not meet their needs, this rose to 70% in agency employees. Two thirds of agency employees reported an increase in workload with 45% not satisfied with their salary and over 40% felt their career progression did not meet their needs.

“With workloads and responsibilities increasing every year, what is the incentive to continue to work for an organisation? We’ve seen salary levels remain static for a while now and career progression appears to be ignored by some employers, particularly if limited by size and hierarchy. Research shows that employees simply don’t stay in a business that can’t progress them. Being open with progression plans and investing in training and development will improve retention and reduce costs in the long run.” Nigel Vickers, Director blueskies

“It is vital for all businesses to consider the benefits packages they offer. Holiday and benefits offerings met the needs of half of the B2C candidates we surveyed and, in some cases, exceeded them.” Lara Lee, B2C Managing Consultant. “The increased workload was met with an equal increase in salary, this is due to stricter salary banding across the larger consumer brands we work with.”

“Working in a creative agency brings high workloads and notoriously demanding schedules. We have seen employers invest heavily in working environments and facilities to improve employee experience. However, many are missing the opportunity to incentivise their teams with enhanced remuneration and benefits packages.” Heidi Moreby, Agency and Creative Divisional Head. “Incentives don’t have to be tied into salaries, we see examples of vouchers and experiences having significant impact to employee engagement.”


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