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The Demise of Graduate Recruitment? Here’s Why it’s a Myth


Reports of the demise of graduate recruitment appear to be somewhat exaggerated. 2017 is expected to see even more competition for outstanding graduate talent.

A new report from High Fliers, The Graduate Market In 2017, found that graduate vacancies are expected to rise by 4.3% this year. Among the sectors planning to increase their graduate intake are retail, the public sector, and engineering. Public sector, high street and online retailers plan to collectively recruit 1,200 extra graduates. Less than 1 in 10 companies (8%) intend to reduce their graduate intake, despite concerns over the number of graduates in the UK jobs market.  The median starting salary for graduates in 2017 is estimated to be £30,000, rising to £47,000 in the investment banking sector.

Leading organisations have increased their graduate recruitment by 13% in the past three years, making the competition for talent fiercer than ever. However, with 5.4% of graduate vacancies from last year still unfilled, graduate employers must take steps now to create a robust recruitment strategy.