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Desire for Career Progression Drives Nearly Half of HR Professionals Look for New Opportunities


Original research from Robert Walters has revealed that 43% of HR professionals are currently looking for new jobs, with 63% planning to change roles within the next year.

With HR playing an increasingly prominent strategic role, investment in HR teams is growing, with employers raising salaries and bonus packages to attract and retain top talent.

HR professionals are aware of the growing demand for their skills and this is leading many to seek new opportunities particularly those at junior level.

Charlotte Matthew, Manager for HR recruitment comments:

“Growing confidence among HR professionals, spurred by rising investment by businesses in their HR teams, is leading many of these professionals to actively search for new job opportunities.”

“The profile of HR teams is growing as businesses come to recognise the pivotal role these staff members can play in improving overall staff performance. HR professionals are aware of the high demand for their skills and they are prepared to move to secure the roles that best meet their needs.”

“Employers must address the priorities of these professionals in areas such as salary, work life balance and, in particular, career progression, if they wish to remain competitive in a market where candidates are in high demand.”

HR Professionals Expect Salary Increases in 20116 – But Career Progression Key to Attracting Talent

The research also revealed that HR professionals are highly optimistic about their prospects, with 90% expecting to receive a pay rise, and 63% expecting to receive a bonus.

However, salary is not the top priority for most HR professionals, with only 13% saying that they would be most likely to change roles for a pay rise. The same number said that they would be most likely to change jobs in order to secure a role with a better work life balance.

By contrast, 53% said that it would be the opportunity for more career development that would be most likely to encourage them to move to a new job.

Charlotte Matthew, Manager for HR recruitment comments:

“In order to remain competitive in a market where candidates are in high demand employers must recognise and respond to the desire for career development among professionals.”

“Employers must not underestimate the importance of making the prospects for career development in a role clear when looking to attract the best talent.”


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