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As the job market pendulum continues its arc towards a more candidate-driven environment, recruiters are struggling to fill open positions with high-quality talent. In fact, research conducted on the first half of 2015 indicates that 90 percent of recruiters have taken note of the power shift, and many are making adjustments to gear the recruiting process towards a better candidate experience.

Still, offers are being rejected at an alarming rate. That leaves a conundrum — how to ensure positions are filled with effective talent when the top talent has turned you down.

Taking a Second Look Can Bring You First-Rate Talent

In an employer-driven job market, recruiters can afford to be picky. During the recent period of high unemployment, recruiters got into the habit of mixing the knowledge, skills, and abilities they needed with the extras qualities they wanted in a new hire. Feeding this detailed list into applicant tracking systems (ATS) returned a highly-restricted list of results. To an extent, this practice was a matter of survival, as the shockingly high volume of applications for each position overwhelmed recruiting staff.



David set up Reverse Delta in 2002 and has built Reverse Delta into a recognised expert in digital marketing, with specific expertise in the recruitment and HR sectors, global clients and a loyal growing team.

Prior to this, David was Head of R&D for APR SmartLogik, helping it grow from start-up to a successful mid-size organisation. He managed the technical and client consulting teams to design and develop e-commerce sites, web applications, content management systems and search technology for companies such as Blockbuster, the BBC and Thomson. His most successful project was one of the earliest price comparison sites implemented by Compaq, HP and major football teams.

Previously he rose quickly through the developer ranks to senior project manager for Group 1 Software (now part of Pitney Bowes), designing and developing billing software used by Charles Schwab, American Express and British Gas and latterly heading up Group 1’s internet projects.

David is a qualified software engineer, but deeply committed to the user, and customer experience. David was one of the first to recognise the growing importance of the mobile web, and the company was an early pioneer of both mobile and ‘responsive’ web design.

David is active in the company on a day-to-day basis, providing strategic direction, product design, sales and he can often be found on our support desk. David has made it Reverse Delta’s mission to maintain long term partnerships, by supplying high quality cost-effective solutions with exceptional support and making Reverse Delta a trusted supplier, and a fun and rewarding place to work.


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