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How your Disengaged Workforce Affects your Hiring Success


As employers compete to attract qualified candidates to their businesses, they are neglecting their biggest asset, their existing talent.

A new report, Changing Perceptions : The Current State Of Employee Engagement suggests that only 10% of workers are completely satisfied at work. The cause appears to lie in a disconnection with the leadership of the company:-

  • 74% state they rarely see their CEO in their working environment.
  • 31% have never met their CEO.
  • 48% feel their company leadership is ‘distant or remote’.
  • 87% feel the only opportunity to contribute or share ideas occurs during the annual appraisal.

This report echoes concerns raised by the CIPD recently over the lack of transparency in CEO pay which reinforces the distance between senior leaders and their employees. As the gap between business leaders and their employees grows ever greater, UK workers are also feeling increasingly insecure. The number of people working on zero hours contracts or on ‘bogus’ self employment contracts is exacerbating the issue.