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Do Employers Want Video Resumes?


If you haven’t received your first video resumes from candidates yet, you will shortly. The buzz is growing and video resumes are the next “cool” thing to do.

In fact, the conversation has already moved from whether to make a video resume to how to make a professional video resume to enhance job applications. So, employers will be seeing video resumes – whether you want them or not.

And, most employers appear open to viewing video resumes. According to career publisher Vault Inc.’s annual employer survey:

“89% of employers revealed that they would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them. Although most employers have not yet used this new technology as an evaluative tool — only 17% have actually viewed a video resume – the vast majority are receptive to it.

“The primary reason why employers would value video resumes is the ability to assess a candidate’s professional presentation and demeanor (52%).”