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Do Employment Background Checks


Are background checks currently part of your hiring process? If not, they should be.

A client company experienced a serious problem with employee theft. It took several months for the inventory numbers to reveal the extent of the theft. Video cameras kept missing the thieves because they were storing products in the bathroom ceilings until they had a chance to remove them from the premises. Theft was so rampant that a March of Dimes jar full of donations was stolen off of a supervisor’s desk – located just outside the camera’s viewing area.

When the thieves were discovered they were all fired. But, this is not a problem the company should have faced.

In retrospect, the key employee who stole from the employer would have flunked background checks in three areas. He was on probation. He owed restitution for the crime he had committed (nearly $100,000). His bill paying history was bad news because of the amount of his required restitution.