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Do you Treat your Candidates Like Customers?


How well do you really know your candidates? If you have a recruiting process in place that’s seemed to work just fine for years, your answer to that question is probably at least a bit inaccurate.

Recruiting is, or should be, a great deal about science. There’s data available for everything that your company does, from selling a product or service to marketing. But while the rest of the company forges ahead, HR is too often stuck in the past. The information you need is there for the taking, but you have to ask for it first.

Out with the Old, ASAP

Recruiters can get stuck in a rut as easily as anyone else. If your process seems to work just fine, there probably appears to be no reason to shake things up now. But how do you know it’s fine if you don’t explore anything else?



With over 15 years experience within the Recruitment industry, Mark considers digital publishing, digital engagement, recruitment marketing and advertising (all media), digital video production, creative design and more recently social media development as his core knowledge and where a lot of his experience lays.

Having been at the forefront of the digital publishing sector for well over a decade, Mark has founded numerous job boards and publishing businesses.

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