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Does your HR Software Pass the Test?


Employers often invest in technology expecting an instant transformation in their hiring processes, without assessing whether it’s the right software for their business. Modern HR technology should offer all of the benefits listed below and more. Does your HR software pass the test?

Better efficiency : HR spends an estimated two days per week on tedious admin tasks which hinder its ability to add value to business strategies or source top talent. Your recruitment software should automate mundane processes so HR can focus on what’s important. If it isn’t reducing the time you’re spending on basic tasks, it’s time to change.

Improves employer brand : The majority of companies underestimate the value of their brand image. A poor employer brand adds around 10% to your cost of hire. Sophisticated recruitment software offers a seamless transition from your corporate website to a branded careers site with a clean interface and provides a positive start to the candidate experience.