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Employee Benefits: What Really Works?


If you want to find the best talent and secure their role in your company, it’s a good idea to introduce some employee benefits into your job offering to entice people and keep those already working for you happy.

But is there more to think about than celebrating worker’s birthdays and doing an ‘employee of the month’ scheme? Perhaps it’s time to consider motivational theories and take on a psychological approach to motivating your workforce?

Consider the most basic of psychological theories, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and how this can be implemented in a workplace to ensure everyone is happy. The physiological element – the need for food, water and shelter – is one of the easiest to achieve in a workplace and is definitely one of the most basic of employee benefits to ensure is in place. Ensure your workforce has access to water, somewhere to store/prepare food and that the building is in good order.

You can perhaps extend this by offering free breakfasts or lunches on special occasions and providing tea and coffee for free – it’s a simple benefit but it works when it comes to motivating a team. Extend this theory by implementing other necessary things in your workplace that ensure they have a pleasant working experience. Using HR software to ensure things run smoothly is a good idea as well as tangible things such as good lighting, comfortable chairs and high quality equipment.

The Expectancy Theory is another that can be introduced into a workplace. Based on three elements, this theory attempts to encourage employees to aim for goals and dictates that they are rewarded if they achieve them. Annual bonuses are a good way of bringing this theory into effect, the reward of extra money based on a scoring system of their abilities should get them motivated in no time to improve and complete work in good time.

Another theory to consider is the Affiliation Theory, which is the need for friendly relationships and interaction with people – something that can boost morale and motivate people to work and enjoy their time there. It’s a theory that promotes working as a team, so have some measures in place that push employees to work closely together.

Soft seating areas are not only comfortable but encourage a social atmosphere, where people can gather and chat about work. You could also include some fun features such as a table tennis table that allows people to mix and play games together to build stronger relationships. These perks also look great on job descriptions and create positive atmosphere in any workspace.

When it comes to employee benefits consider employing these three theories to motivate your workforce, increase their happiness and enjoyment in the workplace and ensure they feel rewarded during their time with you.


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