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Employee Freedom is Key to Success


E1EW, which stands for ‘Everyone Everywhere’, provides a recruitment and placement service for both permanent and temporary skilled staff to various industries. Offering the benefits of an agile recruitment business, the company tailors its services to meet the needs of each client.

Director of E1EW, Lisa Graham believes this way of doing business goes hand in hand with employee autonomy.

“It is counterproductive to hire a great recruiter and then tell them how to do their job,” says Lisa. “Outside of adhering to our processes, recruiters are encouraged to do what they know works.”

It is important for every business that its members of staff follow established processes to drive efficiency and first-class delivery. At E1EW, employees are also encouraged to identify any opportunities for improvement and highlight any areas of risk.

Lisa adds:

“We encourage feedback from our staff in all aspects of how we run the business and continually improve our service.”

As a service delivery business, customers, both clients that need staff and candidates looking for work, are key to the success of E1EW. In their experience, allowing an element of freedom throughout a workforce can lead to employee happiness and retention. This, in turn, transfers to the customer experience and leads to greater customer satisfaction.

Senior recruitment consultant, Rob Binnie says the autonomy of his job allows him to work better and build relationships with his clients.

“What I love about my job is I get to create a positive impact in my own way,” he says. Rob has worked at E1EW for three years, but his experience in recruitment goes back three decades.

He continues:

“It’s a unique company, and you’re allowed to be yourself. As long as you meet your targets, you can set your own agenda, and that allows for flexibility when arranging client visits. At the same time, you get support from your colleagues when you ask for it.”

E1EW has developed its KPIs which are agreed with each new recruit prior to starting working with them. Currently undergoing a recruitment drive, E1EW is on the lookout for experienced recruiters to join their team and progress their career.

Past employee, Charlotte McGuire recalls a particular focus on career progression for E1EW employees.

“I really enjoyed working for E1EW, as it was a friendly but professional environment,” she said. “As long as you hit your targets by delivering or exceeding the KPIs set, you were allowed to do the job however you see fit.” Charlotte worked for E1EW three years ago, and her time with the company allowed her to develop and progress her career in Business Development.

Charlotte continued:

“Working at E1EW was a definite positive learning curve in my career, and job seekers looking to apply can expect to acquire a lot of valuable knowledge at the company. The positive atmosphere, different divisions and the support from the team makes for an inspirational role.”

Staff wellbeing is a top priority for E1EW too.

“We are acutely aware of how the health of our employees can play a part in the success of our company,” Director Lisa Graham continues. “We support our staff in the full knowledge that working in recruitment can be stressful at times.”

With an aim to provide a great place to work, E1EW plans to attract the best, driven recruiters to deliver their vision. Lisa concludes:

“Employee autonomy has a very positive effect as we embrace new ideas and new ways of working. Our values centre around what we expect from our employees but equally as important is what they can expect from us.  One such area is trust; we trust them and give them the freedom and autonomy to do what they know works.”

If you believe you or someone you know has what it takes to make a difference as a recruiter at E1EW, please click here to find out more and apply:


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