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Employer Branding – Is Candidate Resentment Affecting Your Profits?


When it comes to recruitment, above anything else aligning candidates to your business’ values and culture is so important. This requires assessing someone’s own values, beliefs and behaviours against your own values and culture to evaluate what constitutes as a good ‘fit’ in a candidate.

In Mark Murphey’s Hire for Attitude reports he states that of the 20,000 new hires 46% of them failed within 18 months and of these 89% left because their attitudes did not align to that of the company. Only 11% failed because of a lack of skills.

It is clear from this report, and so many of our own case studies, that finding a candidate with the same values and vision as your company is so much more important than simply acquiring the right skills. Skills can be taught, behaviour can’t.

So how do you find these candidates that are so aligned to your own values?

Firstly you must define your culture, your values and your beliefs. This sounds obvious, but so many companies we see struggle to put into words what they are all about. And if you can’t put it into words, then how will your candidates know if you are the right fit for them?

Never forget that the recruitment process should work both ways.

While candidates are working hard to impress you, you need to be working just as hard to engage and excite them. Now that you’ve defined your values, you need to live them and help candidates understand who you are. There are two key areas to work on to do this: the overall recruitment process and the interview situation.  We call this improving the candidate experience.