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Employer Branding Strategy: What Really Makes an Employer Attractive?


Every organisation has an employer brand, whether consciously established, diligently nurtured or the product of benign neglect. With the transparency of social media offering a view beyond your window shades—with or without your okay—your employer brand serves as a billboard for your organisation.

So, what exactly is employer branding? Many define this term as an organisation’s reputation or image as a desired place to work in the minds of current employees, active and passive candidates, customers and other key stakeholders. It embodies your values, culture and workplace environment. Like any source of potential advertisement, however, the employer brand offers a promise, which if unfulfilled, can be a detriment to attracting the right candidates, leave your workforce un-engaged and contribute to turnover. It can drive competitive advantage, boosting your ability to attract, engage and retain a high-performance workforce.

Ultimately, if done well, it can also drive real bottom-line value in terms of enhanced productivity, innovation, operational excellence and market leadership. It is an asset that can offer high returns on your investment.