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Employer Value Propositions must Embrace the Gig Economy


It is vital that organisations build and maintain employer brands which reflect the continuing rise of non-permanent workforces. That is according to the latest insight from global talent acquisition and management specialist, Alexander Mann Solutions.

Mercer’s 2017 Global Talent Trends Study found that the majority of full-time employees (77%) would consider working on a contingent or contract basis, while separate research from Oxford Economics revealed that 83% of leaders worldwide are increasingly using contingent, intermittent, seasonal or consultant employees. However, the historically rigid employer brands which many organisations promote may fail to resonate with and engage professional contractors – causing them to miss out on an increasingly valuable pool of talent.

This insight comes at a time when a recent survey of HR professionals by Alexander Mann Solutions found that just one in three (33%) say their organisation had a strong employer brand and almost half (42%) do not believe their colleagues can effectively articulate their business’s employer brand proposition.

Liz Weeks, Global Head of Employer Branding and Attraction at Alexander Mann Solutions, comments;

“Success in employer branding lies in authentic storytelling, and this should be tailored to different candidate pools. Messages must be defined for specific groups through audience segmentation, and the contract workforce must not be overlooked.”

“Individual messages should, of course, be aligned with, and delivered alongside, overall brand messaging. However by distilling personalised communications, HR teams stand the best chance of engaging in a way which resonates with target candidates. For example, an organisation which knows where to reach the interim community – and can also demonstrate that they have the infrastructure in place to quickly embed and effectively support contractors – can maximise its chance of securing top talent.”

“In the age of the gig-economy, a single, static employer brand is no longer enough to attract and engage with dynamic and diverse audiences. Compelling communication is everything and best practice engagement means tailoring both the message and the means of delivering it.”