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The new wave is here. Nab yourself a fresh faced graduate! It’s that time of year again when the new wave of graduates leave the cuddly world of University ready to head into the corporate world. For the world of recruitment, this means it’s time to focus on graduate employment! These fresh faced graduates will be looking to get on that ladder and start earning some cash pronto (I know I was but then I did spend rather a long time in my cuddly world)! These little bundles of productivity and enthusiasm will no doubt have been told; (especially at some of the more prestigious institutions) that they should not settle in their job hunt and that it is important for them to find the RIGHT career!

The recession is beginning to subside and more and more graduate positions and schemes are becoming active again. So how do start employing graduates to get your company booming? How do you attract the right candidates to your job? More importantly, how do you persuade the candidate the job is right for them!? Well there’s no easy answer I’m afraid. A well written advert can make all the difference (if you need help writing your advert check out some of the tips and tricks on the blog). The advert could be a master piece but if no one see’s it; or at least no one in the right demographic sees it, it will be pointless! Therefore, you NEED to target the right audience. That means selecting the right job boards to post your advert to.