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Engaging Employees After the Honeymoon Period


For many employees, the first six months at a new job are the best. After that? Not so much. In fact, workers are typically more engaged during this “honeymoon period” than they will be at any other stage in their employment with a company.

When Gallup analyzed engagement by employees’ length of service, the research showed that though engagement peaks during those first six months, only half (52%) of employees are engaged at this point, while 40% are not engaged, and 8% are actively disengaged. This suggests that there’s room for improvement in how companies bring new employees on board.

Workers’ relatively high engagement levels during the first six months on the job may reflect an initial excitement about being part of a new company — and that enthusiasm might be strong enough to counteract any early negative impressions. New employees might also feel good about expectations and having opportunities to learn and grow.