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Engineering Recruitment: A UK Sector Focus


Engineering contributes significantly to the UK’s economy. Engineering UK reports a sector turnover of £1.2 trillion, representing 27% of GDP and an industry which employs in excess of 5.5 million people, yet it faces troubling skills shortages.

Our in-depth sector analysis explores the key trends affecting engineering, including:-

  • The extent of the skills shortage – an extra 182,000 people are needed in the sector every year between now and 2022.
  • The struggle to attract female talent – only 8% of engineering employees are women.
  • The growing influence of the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Initiatives being taken to address the shortage of graduates. Double the current number are needed to meet demand.

We also offer strategies to transform hiring processes, including the creation of a diverse, transparent culture and reducing your time to hire.

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