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The Financial Times Names its No.1 for Graduate Employability in the World


ESCP Europe Business School’s Advanced Masters in Finance is No.1 for Graduate Employability in the World

ESCP Europe Business School’s Advanced Masters in Finance is the best in the world for the future employability of its students, according to the latest ranking conducted by the Financial Times.

Taught in French and English at the ESCP Europe Paris and London campuses, the programme is also number 1 in the UK overall for the second consecutive year and thereby consolidates its position as the best finance course available to the London market. The programme ranks 1st worldwide for graduate employment rates, and 2nd for international experience out of a listing of over 50 of the world’s leading business schools.

As with all ESCP Europe programmes, keeping course content up-to-date and relevant, in this case to the world of finance, is a key reason why students are well received by recruiters when they leave the business school. Top faculty maintain regular contact with leaders in the sector, drawn from its extensive alumni network and long-standing relationships with financial institutions across the sector.

The students also gain international and professional experience. The one-year programme incorporates 25 weeks of academic study, 15 weeks in Paris and 10 weeks in London. Students then gain work experience through an internship of some four months, and finish with a thesis based on an individual research project.

The programme’s Academic Director, Dr Philippe Thomas, says:

“This programme’s full-time, intensive format condenses and shortens the programme’s coursework to provide participants with immediate exposure to real-life responsibilities in finance.  The first series of core courses are dedicated to Financial Techniques and aimed at providing students with the key tools necessary to understand financial issues. In the second phase of the programme, each participant chooses a 22 week specialisation with the goal to prepare for specific finance professions into investment banking.

The programme relies heavily on the participation of external course instructors and lecturers who relate academic theories and concepts to practical application in the field. Many of these experts are graduates of the ESCP Europe Specialised Master in Finance who now work at major financial institutions.”

ESCP Europe’s Dean, Dr Frank Bournois, adds:

“This ESCP Europe Advanced Master benefits directly from the unique positioning of our School. The two campuses, two countries, two languages formula is made possible by our genuinely original multi-campus structure that allows students to grasp the respective characteristics of two very different marketplaces. It is particularly this presence in London, the world’s financial centre that makes our programme so highly attractive.”