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Essential Graduate Recruitment Trends for Summer 2016


Investment banking is enjoying something of a popularity surge with the FT reporting that Goldman Sachs has attracted over 250,000 applications from students and graduates. JP Morgan and Citigroup also reflect this trend.

After attracting a bad press and losing prospective talent to fintech companies in recent times, the FT article suggests this is in part due to the sector’s pro-active response to criticism. Banks are collectively working together to overturn a culture of gender bias and long working hours by following the example of Google and other tech brands. Notably, the CEOs of both JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are ranked in the top 25 CEOs in Glassdoor’s 2016 Employees’ Choice Awards, a list which was topped by the CEO of Metro Bank.

Where does that leave other employers with ongoing concerns about the employability of graduates and their ability to attract the right candidates?