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Should You Ever Rehire A Former Employee?


Warnings over a tightening labour market and the impact of Brexit continue to dominate recruitment headlines as the latest unemployment figures reach a 42 year low. Could a ‘boomerang’ hire be the answer to addressing the skills shortage in your business or a disaster in the making?

Rehiring a former employee isn’t as simple as welcoming them back into the fold with open arms. People and companies grow and evolve. What suited your hiring needs the first time around won’t necessarily be the perfect solution now but so-called ‘boomerang’ employees offer a potential source of talent for your next hire.

The advantages of hiring a former employee include;-

  • Reduced time to hire and cost of hire.
  • A better cultural fit. Your ‘new’ employee already has in-depth knowledge of your organisation. Onboarding is also easier due to their previous tenure, making the whole transition from new hire to team member much smoother and faster.
  • Boomerang employees who contact HR to discuss potential job openings come with the added advantage of wanting to work for your business.
  • As the retention of new hires is a major concern for HR, the return of a respected employee may help to improve that. If your top performers are exploring the jobs market, the return of a popular former colleague may prompt them to think again.