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Ex-Broadbean Team Announce Paiger


Founded by Kelly Robinson and Darren Westall, previously the CEO & CTO of Broadbean. ContentApp announced a rebrand and name change to Paiger to coincide with the launch of three new features cementing their position as the software of choice for recruitment marketing.

Launched a year ago, the company has seen tremendous success, with over 150 recruitment agencies utilising the product to get more applications & build better relationships online and offline. It’s this success which has seen Paiger become a finalist for APSCo’s Innovator Of The Year award.

With this success, the product has evolved and continues to go from strength to strength, and the name change epitomises the agility, adaptability, and forward-thinking nature of the business.

Paiger’s mission is to change the way we recruit by providing recruiters with the tool they need to market themselves, and their business.

Recruitment marketing has grown every year for the last five years as the industry sees a direct economic benefit from these strategies. Paiger is the best tool for marketers to amplify company efforts through the ever-growing network of their team.

Paiger automatically advertises a recruiter’s roles onto LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook in a way that is proven to increase applications. While also suggesting industry-relevant content by SMS or email for you to share with just one click – ensuring you’re delivering more value to your candidates and clients than ever before.

Today, alongside rebranding, Paiger is introducing three new features to their platform.

Passive candidate attraction

While your audience is reading the content you’ve shared on your social channels, Paiger will overlay one of your latest roles to attract passive candidates. You can track your website visitors and improve the quality of your applicants by using Paiger to recruit top talent that isn’t actively looking for a job.

Automatic Spellchecking & Gender Bias

Spelling mistakes will hinder people from applying for roles and negatively affect SEO. Paiger will monitor your advert quality and email you if something is wrong.

Paiger gender analyses each advert to improve overall diversification and inclusion for all jobs posted.

Website monitoring

If your website is down, people cannot apply for your jobs. You could be missing out on applications and not even know about it.

Paiger will monitor your website every minute and alert you when it’s down & logging the downtime effect on your business.

Darren Westall, Managing Director of EMEA, commented:

“The announcement today is after a lot of hard work and listening to our client feedback, we started out to change the way recruiter’s use social media and while this is still a very key part of our offering, today marks a significant change to look at marketing in its entirety and we look forward to working with our clients to deliver the next part of Paiger’s journey. I’m excited to launch our new features today and deliver even more value to our clients.”

To find out more about Paiger, you can visit their website here:


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