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Exclusive Interview: Chris Bogh, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Eploy


Chris co-founded Eploy with Paul Burgess over 18 years ago. They developed the Eploy recruitment platform as a fully cloud based solution to provide a modern in-house recruitment platform. Chris has a wealth of knowledge of the recruitment sector and is regularly asked for his opinion on recruitment technology at industry events.

Tell us a bit more about your role at Eploy

As CTO I head up the Operations side of the Company supported by the management team. I ensure our business has the right infrastructure for today and for the future and I’m passionate about maintaining a direct relationship with many of our clients.

What are your plans for the next five years, and where do you see your challenges and opportunities?

The recruitment industry is constantly evolving and we are on top of ensuring our software continues to be precision engineered accordingly to meet changing industry needs. I’m pleased to say that we have been recognised through winning awards for our technology developments and are equally as proud of our client’s achievements as their recruitment technology partner. To continue achieving in this way is most definitely in our plans.

As a business we are continuing to grow and doubled our office space this year to accommodate this growth. This year we have on-boarded new employees; with continuing rounds of recruitment taking place. Making sure we have excellent new recruits who are the perfect fit to meet the rapid growth plans is key for us – it’s a challenge and an opportunity.

Eploy is a recognised brand in the marketplace with an impressive customer base and it is our intention to continue to provide a full E-recruitment platform that adds value to every stage of the recruitment journey. We are all very excited for the future not only growing as an organisation but helping organisations to meet their future recruitment needs”

What do you think are the most important characteristics for success in business?

I think having something unique that addresses a market issue, knowing your marketplace inside out, delivering for customer success and vision to see the bigger picture – with the agility to execute are all really important. From an internal perspective at Eploy we strive to create the right culture too.

What are the big topics in recruitment at the moment?

I think the big topic of the moment is the introduction of GDPR, the game changing effect on the way recruiters collect and process candidate information and being prepared for this. Yes GDPR brings significant changes to existing data protection regulations and introduces new requirements, but existing legislation gives recruiters a good platform on which to start. A good place for recruiters to start in preparing for GDPR is to document and review all of their existing recruitment data processes to evaluate how they fit against the new legal requirements. Our team have written an e-book, ‘The Recruiters Guide to GDPR and your candidates’ rights’, to assist in breaking down what it means.

Recruiters and employers are also mindful of labour market challenges such as candidate scarcity and skills gaps. This in turn is driving recruiters and employers to take a look at their recruitment and people strategy to ensure it is future proofed to attract, retain and develop key talent in a cost effective way.

With the turning economy, is it a good time to set up a recruitment business?

I don’t think anyone really knows exactly what is in store with the impending uncertainty of Brexit. What I would say is that changing ways of working and further challenges around the corner regarding candidate availability; employers and recruiters alike need to be prepared and agile for the changes that happen. Access to candidates with the skills and talent to fill roles is one of the biggest issues and having improved recruitment and workforce planning in place should be a priority along with automating and streamlining manual processes. Talent pooling, candidate engagement & assessment, interview scheduling and authorising job offers all need to be ramped up if you are to remain competitive, so having these in place is a must.

What does the future of recruitment look like?

I hear lots about AI and analytics being used as part of the selection process, but some recruiters still aren’t getting the basics right. The big one is candidate experience – everything from getting the right job requisition to engaging with candidates and communicating the brand. The future jobs market is likely to see employers increasingly competing for the right candidates with the right skills. Knowing what works for you to engage with candidates and channels to attract them will drive quantity and quality of candidates. Recruitment will get harder and sure in time AI will plug some of the gaps but getting the basics right first, such as using your analytics to drive better hiring decisions is a good place to start right now.

Technology will underpin the future of recruitment but first we need to see further automation as part of the recruitment process to lead a change in selection, hiring and candidate expectations.  Recruiters need to be ahead of their game.

What planned developments do you have for Eploy in supporting future requirements?

In our forthcoming release, the core development is about providing each customer with the power to customise their recruitment processes as they desire. In recruitment one size does not fit all. So, having the ability to create different workflows to support different recruitment processes gives each customer complete control of their request to recruit and application workflows. This enables customising processes by role and level of seniority for example. Eploy fully supports the increasing desire for agility in hiring practices.

We’ve also improved the way hiring managers can update, progress and provide feedback on their candidates. The new controls make the process of managing the workflow simple, efficient and easy to use – and again, this is fully configurable based on each customers requirements.

If you have any questions for Chris on Eploy or his recommendations for the recruitment industry email [email protected]