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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with CERN’s Head of Talent Acquisition


What is key to your role as Head of Talent Acquisition at CERN? My key role as head of TA is not only ensuring we have a short term strategy for fulfilling the current needs of the organisation, but that we put in place a long term strategy for building a talent pipeline for future needs. This has a few buzz words and could sound just like ‘HR’ jargon, so it’s perhaps worth expanding on these two axes. Our short term strategy is built around understanding the organisation’s goals and the recruitment requirements around that. From there we derive the recruitment planning and put in place a strategy for each type of job about where to source the talent. Metrics are key to directing our efforts to the appropriate job-boards & social-media-channels. Branding the job is also essential as we are frequently competing with the private sector for great engineering talent for example. Our long term strategy is around internships (paid of course), graduate recruitment and technician-apprenticeships to build a large talent pool for future needs whilst at the same time ensuring a positive return for the supervisors investing in the training of these students & graduates.