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Expert Interview with Daniele Besana on Promoting Job Listings


Daniele Besana spent 14 years working as an IT engineer, specializing in network security, before making the switch to being a full-time web entrepreneur two years ago, focusing on job sites.

“I’m particularly interested in career websites,” he says. “Especially because of their positive impact on people. I love when someone drops a ‘thank you’ e-mail after landing a new job!”

He recently took the reins at AidBoard, a career website focused on international development and aid jobs.

We recently caught up with Daniele to find out what he’s learned from running a job board and to get his advice on building relationships with job recruiters and posting and promoting job listings.

What sets AidBoard apart from other job boards?

AidBoard is a niche job board, meaning we’re fully focused on international development and aid jobs. We deliver our job seekers what they’re looking for and our recruiters the high-quality candidates they need. That’s it, really. We’ve kept things clean and simple.