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Expert Interview with John Bardinelli on Niche Job Boards for RealMatch


Not all of us wake up one day and decide to start a narrowly targeted job board. But then, not all of us are John Bardinelli, a freelance writer and owner of Video Game Journalism Jobs. John spoke with us about what it takes to run a job board with a narrow focus.

What led you to found a job board aimed at gaming journalism?

The site grew organically out of my own career as a freelance writer and game journalist. It took me a few years to learn the ins and outs of the business and establish my online presence. Once my name was out there, I began receiving emails from writers hoping to follow the same path. There really wasn’t a centralized learning resource for new game journalists, so I thought I would create one! Video Game Journalism Jobs was founded in 2003/4 as a mailing list, then slowly turned into a forum, a blog and finally the job board with advice articles that exists today.