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Expert Interview with Rich Milgram from on Running Job Sites


When it comes to job hunting, too often people take a job they wouldn’t necessarily have accepted if they had more insight into what they wanted to do, says Rich Milgram, CEO of, a website that matches job openings with the most ideal candidates.

But rather than just looking for a job, he says, people should focus on career management. Companies shouldn’t hire just to fill seats and individuals shouldn’t take jobs just to make money. Both should go into their search with enough knowledge about their positions and goals that they can make the right decisions at the right times.

“Career management is certainly an important aspect of being happy,” Milgram adds. “A lot of your day is spent on your career and for many people our careers help define who we are, so if someone asked you if you want to be happy, wouldn’t you say yes?”

We recently checked in with Milgrim to learn what sets apart from other job boards and how the site can help individuals manage their careers. Here’s what he had to say: