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Expert Interview with Tony Restell on Social Recruiting


Social media is becoming more and more important in recruiting, and no one knows that better than Tony Restell. As the founder of Social Hire, Tony specializes in leveraging social networks to deliver recruiting results. He laid out for us the new frontier in finding the right employee for the right job.

How important is social media to recruiting, and why?

Social media is hugely important because it gives recruiters a long-term competitive advantage in attracting talented candidates to their business. Historically, businesses have had to advertise in order to reach the candidates with their business needs. When the advertising spend dries up, so too does the candidate’s interest in their business. Social media has completely changed this dynamic. Companies can now build their own audience or readership by adopting the right social media strategy – and therefore generate candidate interest in their business without the same reliance on paying to advertise to other people’s readerships. But what is critical is that many recruiting brands are building up a lead that it will be very costly for their competitors to claw back at a later date.