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Extraordinary Benefits for Umbrella Company Contractors


Umbrella company Orange Genie Umbrella have launched Orange Genie Edge, a brand-new take on employee benefits, designed around extensive research on what contractors want, and focussed on improving their general satisfaction and wellbeing.

Graham Fisher, Orange Genie Group Chief Executive, said

“Orange Genie Edge is a genuinely extraordinary employee benefits package that will make a real difference to our umbrella company employees. Happy, well supported contractors do a better job, take fewer days off and are easier to retain, so we’re confident that our recruiter partners will be as excited about it as we are.”

Here are some of the things Orange Genie Edge will offer to contractors and their families:

  • Support and counselling on a range of subjects from qualified experts through a confidential helpline
  • 24/7 access to a GP by phone or webcam consultation, including prescriptions by email
  • Specialist support and advice for carers and parents
  • Fitness, nutrition and health advice, including practical help to lead to a healthier lifestyle

This is in addition to a comprehensive and convenient discounts package, worth hundreds of pounds in day to day savings.

This focus on the satisfaction and wellbeing of contractors will add to the support Orange Genie already provides, further improving the attraction and retention of high quality workers for the recruiters and agencies they work with.