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Facebook Feeds Talent to Recruiters


Adults in the UK spend more than 24 hours a week on smart phones and in particular on social media[1]. So, it’s no surprise that job seekers are now utilising social media to hunt for greener pastures. Pete Taylor, Director at leading recruitment agency, Encore Personnel, has in particular noticed candidates looking to Facebook for recruitment opportunities.

Gone are the days of printing out copies of your CV and knocking on the door of prospective employers. Instead, social media has become a key tool for both recruiters and candidates. For instance, in 2018, Encore saw more than 17,000 jobseekers respond to Facebook adverts – a 17 per cent increase on the previous year.

Social media is evolving into much more than a way to keep in touch with friends and family – it is becoming a valuable tool for both job hunters and employers to communicate, with the lines between social and professional networking becoming increasingly blurred.

Today, candidates rarely have any face-to-face contact with employers before the interview phase, relying on email, employment listing websites and networks like Facebook to make the all-important first impression. While it’s quick and painless for job seekers to share a digital CV, it can be a double-edged sword for recruiters who can end up sifting through mountains of applications.

Facebook allows those looking to recruit to target job adverts towards the most suitable candidates by using criteria such as location, industry and experience, helping recruiters cherry-pick from applicants who fit the mandatory requirements. Targeted job posts also give recruiters a head start, when it comes to sourcing candidates with niche skillsets or certain qualifications. They can hone in on a certain criterion such as graduate and alumni groups, interest-based pages, industry association groups and discussion panels.

The most serious candidates will spend time thoroughly researching an organisation before submitting their application and they can be more prepared than ever before for their first interview. Research shows up to 38 per cent of candidates spend one to two hours researching a new opportunity, 18 per cent spend up to four hours and 16 per cent spend over five hours, uncovering details such as salary data, employee reviews and the personal profiles of their potential employers[2].

Of course, it works the other way too, with social media giving recruiters another avenue to vet candidates. Almost half of recruiters report using social networking sites to glean information on candidates and 38 per cent say they’ve been put off a candidate after finding inappropriate photographs[3]. However, a third also said they’ve discovered social media content that made them more willing to hire applicants. It highlights the need to be aware of your digital footprint.

It also emphasises that to cut through the noise, recruiters must have a laser focussed strategy and an attractive employment package to tempt the best talent through the door. Encore Personnel offers a wide range of employee benefits, such as generous holiday entitlement, private healthcare and excellent training opportunities, to ensure staff feel appreciated and see the recruitment agency as the right place to grow their careers.

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