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Is Facebook the New LinkedIn for Recruitment?


Facebook have confirmed that the new addition of a Jobs Tab to a company’s page is the beginning of a new Recruitment launch for the site.

The new feature will allow applicants to apply to multiple jobs via Facebook, with a pre-populated form requiring minimal effort. Coupled with the fact that Facebook already have the monopoly on traffic, with a membership figure of 1.79 billion compared to LinkedIn’s 467 million, it is easily conceivable that, with a dedicated landing page for jobseekers to target specific companies, Facebook could get the edge over LinkedIn in the battle for the Social Media Careers Platform.

However, with the addition of Profile Tags to Facebook last year, which bear a striking resemblance to LinkedIn’s recommendations, are Facebook in danger of losing the unique identity they have cultivated? There is an argument within the online community that Facebook are one of the only non-professional social media sites left and that this is what drawers many of its large population towards it and not to LinkedIn in the first place.

Is Facebook a haven of the truly social individual and will being a potential target to candidate hunters curb their use of the site in its current form? Is this move towards the recruitment process going to change the way people engage with the site and thusly will the very attraction it holds to employers, to be able to capture a unique passive section of the market who share their identity more freely than LinkedIn, be lost in the process and result in the replication of another LinkedIn?

Either way recruiters and job seekers alike will not be able to overlook the company’s move towards their social media competitors when forming and executing their social media strategy for engaging the job market.



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