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Feeding the recruitment machine – Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software


Vender Managed Services (VMS) are not a new concept. But from a recruitment agent’s point of view, a VMS remains a hugely beneficial but often overlooked tool in the outsourced recruitment process. While many medium to large sized organisations often outsource recruitment to agents, the process is far from smooth. Companies’ internal HR software lacks depth, whilst a lack of integration with the chosen agency’s CRM system creates delays in sharing vacancy information.

All agents know that in the fast paced world of recruitment, time is money. Without the relevant vacancy information to hand, agents have no option but to trawl through the company website and manually input vacancy requirements onto the CRM. The process is inefficient, time consuming and can lead to lost revenue.

A VMS can bridge the gap and allow information to flow between the two systems. By linking the agency system to any number of VMS, the recruiter can quickly combine available vacancies with candidate information to create a rapid match – and, where available, send candidate information directly back to the organisation looking to fill roles.