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Fifth of Brits Say Lack of Support is Biggest Stress Driver


Having a heavy workload is an all too common complaint for increasing stress levels however, surprisingly only one in ten (8%) said that too much work was their main cause of stress in the office. New research from has revealed that a fifth (19%) of UK workers feel that lack of resource and support are two of the biggest factors that contribute to stress in the workplace.

The poll, which marks National Stress Awareness Day, reveals the top five causes of workplace stress are:

  • Lack of resource and support (19%)
  • Lack of leadership (15%)
  • Unrealistic deadlines (14%)
  • Lack of job security (12%)
  • Long hours (8%)

Andy Sumner, Managing Director for Monster UK & Ireland, commented;

“With the lines between work and life become increasingly blurred, our research reiterates that support from employees and adequate resources are crucial to maintaining a positive state of mind at work. Mentoring is becoming important to workers as they look for guidance in staying on course and avoiding professional pitfalls. These workplace relationships can help ease stress at work and give employees a personal boost.”

“There are a few simple steps businesses can take to help address this issue – such as revaluating their current working practices, as well as introducing mentoring and training initiatives to show their workforce that they have the support that they need to reach their full potential.”

Monster poll results based on 1,650 respondents: October 2016

What makes you stressed at work? % of votes
Lack of resource and support 19%
Lack of leadership 15%
Unrealistic deadlines 14%
Lack of job security 12%
Too much work 8%
Long hours 8%
Relationships with colleagues 8%
The commute 7%
I don’t get stressed at work 7%


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