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Five Future Sectors for Recruitment Growth


The landscape of work is changing and the speed of technological advancements is accelerating. With this in mind, we mapped five markets receiving special attention from investors for agencies to keep an eye on.


Over 200 times stronger than steel and 70 times more conductive than silicon. The ‘wonder material’ whose creators picked up a Nobel Prize, is a UK driven discovery that has the potential to revolutionise almost everything from car bumpers to ship coatings. The Government is investing more than £90m in graphene research and infrastructure but it’s likely to be a few years until this sector really gains momentum.


Massive growth and investment over the last three years means our biotech industry is finally catching up with the US and its infrastructure in place to bring products to market. Chairman of MedCity, Dr Eliot Forster, told the telegraph: “At the moment, the UK is top in the global rankings when it comes to research, but bottom when it comes to converting that research into a commercial product.” According to the London Stock Exchange, the sector raised £1.26bn on the UK stock market last year, securing the biggest investment in over a decade.