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Five Reasons Why you Should Speed Up your Recruitment Process


The average length of the interview process has doubled in five years, from 12.6 days to 22.9 days, according to research featured in Forbes. If you’re one of the prime candidates who snags the job at the end of the process, then well done. If you’ve spent three-and-a-half weeks on tenterhooks researching and waiting to progress through incremental stages… bad luck.

Giants such as Google and other tech behemoths spend millions of dollars finding the best candidates in the world; any company that receives more than three million applications a year needs some form of filtering out the very best, down to 0.2% of those who apply. The search engine giant has the room and time to do it, but for smaller companies a lengthy process is an inconvenient and restrictive slog that will put off many potential candidates, and is it really necessary? Here are five reasons why short can be sweet when it comes to recruiting.