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5 Recruitment Lessons from Harvey Specter


Cult Law series Suits is coming back so to refresh my memory I watched series 4 and 5 from the beginning. Mid Lewis Litt breakdown I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder… ‘If Harvey worked in a real recruitment firm, what could he bring to the table?’

Harvey Specter, the picture of professional success’ quick wit and one liners have trumped Leonardo DiCaprio’s sale speech, leaving MD’s all over the country now telling their clients ‘I don’t play the odds, I play the man’ whilst looking down at the creases in their navy blue Tom Ford. Spending your quarter’s commission on Macallan 18 Whiskey is now the go to thing to do, followed by the regret of passing it around the office to celebrate your latest big deal which is going to pay, or at least contribute to the next bottle. It’s about time you admitted to looking in the mirror in the morning and calling yourself ‘The Best Closer of the Central Line.’

  1. Be too good to ignore

It’s important, particularly in the recruitment world to make your reputation precede you and we mean real reputation, not the ‘glowing’ recommendation you forced your best mate to write on Linkedin. The end goal is to make the name at the top of the CV carry as much weight as the accomplishments it lists. People hear the name Harvey Specter and every door in front of him swings open, he has earned enough success to ultimately make his name his CV. As the saying goes ‘work until you no longer have to introduce yourself’ (plus it will save getting cramp in your finger from having to consistently attach your credentials).

  1. Find the loophole

Exactly like law, in recruitment you can find a loophole in everything if you look hard enough (or get your associate to). At times, regulations can be seen to hold us back more than they actually help drive us forward. Don’t be the one left behind when the company one place below you in the Recruiter Hot 100 has cut corners and nabbed a place on Microsoft PSL before their renewal because you just accepted no for an answer. Having said that don’t take it too far, there are certain things that only Harvey Specter can get away with, for example, hiring a fraud. 

  1. Cut the cr*p

‘That could never work in recruitment, it’s full of it’ I hear you say. The Harvey Specter ‘take no prisoners’ approach to work could in fact save a lot of your valuable time. As you know, a candidate in process can vary from lasting a week to a month and there’s nothing worse than a candidate pulling out of a deal because of a lame excuse. Cutting out aforementioned ‘bullsh*t’ at the beginning could have saved you a lot of time and effort.

  1. Go after the big boys

A champion isn’t remembered for beating a featherweight, you can’t expect to be classed a big player if you don’t step into the big ring. If it’s reputation you’re after you need to go after the big boys, the Mohhamed Ali’s of recruitment. Harvey doesn’t let anyone’s reputation stop him being winning big.

  1. Dress to impress

It’s important to follow the saying your appearance is just as important as your brains. Do you ever see Specter or anyone at Pearson…(we won’t say any more in fear of being damned spoilers) wearing a four day old suit or a creased dress with coffee strains down the front? No, except maybe on the ‘flash back episode’ which we all hated watching anyway.


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