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Five Tips from the World’s Most Valuable Company


Google, the brand so big and powerful that their name is a verb! Born from the chance meeting of two students; one about to start at Stanford and the other assigned to show him around. Google started life as a search engine called “BackRub” and quickly transformed into the behemoth we know today. Google branding has transformed our lives with four colours and five letters, but what can we learn from Google to improve your branding efforts and make you a little more like the search giant?

Tell a Tale

The biggest secret to Google-esque branding is universally accepted – their ability to tell a story. How? Stage one: know what you want to say. Stage two: say it with meaning. Stage three: add emotion. It’s the emotional connection that Google invoke that makes them such big winners in the branding world and, no doubt, one of the reasons their name has become a verb (more of that below). People love stories and connect with them many times more than a piece of “vanilla” content that informs without engaging.